Tango Festival in Cracow
11 - 15 August 2006
2nd edition

We thank very dearly to those, who have visited us in Cracow between the 11th and the 15th of August and with their presence created a unique atmosphere on the milongas, workshops, during our spontaneous dancing and in the course of other events of our Tango Festival "Puente del Tango".
We are very grateful to guests, who have come to visit us from different cities of Poland - Katowice, Bielsko-Biala, Wroclaw, Brzeg..., as well as to the numerous milongueros from Warszawa! We also want to express our thanks in respect of all the guests from abroad (United States, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Scotland, etc.), who have decided to visit Cracow during those festival days!
We hope that we will have the opportunity to meet again next year on the following, already third Festival "Puente del Tango" during the days
10th to 15th August 2007!

We also give you our best thanks for the first comments, opinions and photos from this year's Festival that you have sent to us. We are waiting for more - we want this Festival to be better. Therefore, write to us - your remarks are very valuable to us. All the comments and photos we will receive will be posted on our website.
Our best regards!
The organizers: Marta and Beata